Horses are nowadays transported around the entire world. For these kind of transports various means of transport are being used, including the aircraft. When a horse crosses intercontinental boundaries, many procedures and paperwork are involved. By organizing everything well in advance, we guarantee transport that is as animal-friendly as possible. We work together with agents and transporters all over the world and can therefore take care of the entire process for you. Horse & Transport will of course remain your trusted point of contact from start to finish.

In the menu below you can find the explanation of the necessary actions prior to the export of a horse to or from a country outside of Europe.

Air freight can be subdivided into a number of operations.

  • Pre quarantine
  • Quarantine
  • Transport to airport
  • Export operation and flight
  • Import and possibly quarantine
"We were happy to trust Maarten for the whole transport including documents. Due to his experience and knowledge our horse traveled in a perfect way across the ocean."
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