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In principle, additional documents are required for every transport from country to country. You can find which document is required on the page waar beginnen. In all cases, Horse & Transport takes the entire process out off your hands against clear conditions and rates. Regardless of the country in which the transport starts, you drive the transport yourself or have it done, we provide the right documents for your transport with our local agents and partners. This way you and your horse can travel without worries from start to finish.

In the menus below you can find the explanation of the necessary actions before exporting a horse to another EU country.

TRACES stands for ” Trade Control and Export System ”. Details about the identity of the horse and the transport are entered in this system. The final certificate is also created in this system, which is approved by the NVWA official vet.

After a complete profile has been created in TRACES with details about the transport, the entered information must be checked and approved. This can only be done by a veterinarian who is employed by the NVWA. An appointment must be made for this, in the 48 hours prior to transport. The certificate is valid for 10 days after issue.

Because the care of an export document for a horse is two-fold, this will be charged to you in a total amount. The costs for applying for the inspection are charged to you one-on-one. These costs depend on the number of horses that you want to certify within this inspection. A minimum of 2 quarters of an hour must be booked, regardless of the number of horses. The costs for the NVWA inspection application start from € 207.80 (VAT is not applicable). If more quarters are required, an additional € 46.86 per quarter is charged (rates in other EU member states may vary).

Horse & Transport charges a fixed amount of € 25 per horse for booking the horse in TRACES. These costs are stated separately on the invoice, because the VAT rate of 21% applies here.

Horse & Transport can arrange nearly everything for the transport of your horse. Only the declaration that the horse has not been in contact with any contagious animal disease in the past 15 days, must be signed by the holder (owner of the stable).

Holder’s declaration

''We went on a competition in the South of Spain with our own truck. H&T arranged the necessary documents for all 14 horses after just one phonecall''
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''Ik wilde graag zelf mijn paard, met eigen auto en trailer ophalen uit het buitenland. Horse & Transport heeft er voor gezorgd dat de bijbehorende reisdocumenten in Spanje op tijd waren geregeld''
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